A must for American car lovers!


A must for American car lovers! A car that can be used for a lifetime American car is sold

I love American cars and I love them! I want to ride my favourite American car for a lifetime! The goods which I want you to see by all means to such American car enthusiasts were sold. Hot rod style at first glance, exactly red thread style (one of the custom styles using lead in the ’40s and 50’s without putty. Mainly, American car lovers is full custom such as chopped top and smoothing lower ring. Refers to a car)


In fact, this is a car-shaped coffin of a glass fibre body made by a funeral company in California, USA. Moon disc wheels and ribbon tires are optional, and the base price starts at $ 5,500.

At first glance, it looks like this is a realistic size when it is lined with people. The American car-shaped chopsticks are also available as an option to be used as a cooler box so that they can be used before they are purchased and used as chopsticks.

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