Bad Effect of Technology

Now a day, our lives are totally controlled by Modern technology. Recently, we can do any activity online such as we can shop, play, work and communicate with each other throughout the world. We have accepted advanced technology by getting just the advantages of it and totally ignored its harms or disadvantages.

The technology has a great effect as we spend much of our time on the internet than earlier and the internet impacts very much on our lives in different aspects.  No doubt, our lives have become more luxurious and easy, also fast communication is just because of technologies. But there are also many bad effects of technology on us. In this article, we will discuss the disadvantages of technology in our lives and these are:

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Time Wastage

The Internet is a vast field. Somebody who sits using the internet, there comes very interestingly in front of him that he would like to see. If he starts review and commenting on everything, then it is a very time consuming and long procedure. Unluckily, most of us spend a sequentially a long time at mobiles, tablets, and laptops just watching funny videos and photos and they do nothing beneficial but only waste their time.  it would be good if they read news and various articles, learn something beneficial, drink coffee with friends or even walk in nature.

Dangerous for Human Health

When the people spend maximum time on sitting in front of their computer screens by playing games and communicating with friends on the internet, they go away from spending the time on exercising and other good activities that are useful for health. As a result, there is a huge increase of eating unhealthy food, depression, and fatness. Also, those people mostly lose their eyesight and hearing power and face the head and neck pain problems as well.

When we constantly keep using the internet and want to be updated with every new thing, it brings an additional level of stress. For example, when we hear most of the time unnecessary mobile phone bells or vibrations, it shows that the body is under huge stress.


Definitely, modern technology has brought the people very close and there are fast communications between them. But spending time with each other and on other social activities has been the end. It is a very bad effect of technology. We prefer contact with our friends and mates online and hence isolation is reached at maximum. We do not meet our own relations face to face and one day would be realized that it was our wrong decision to contact someone whom we know only from the Internet instead of our real relations.


This a harsh reality that we are not just dependent on technology but also we are addicted to it. Most of the researches describe that when we take away the smartphones, people show restless and as they are lack of something important. they are mentally absent and nervous as they missed their drugs. They want to take it as soon as possible.

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