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Breckenridge Vacation Rentals: Let the Professionals Management Your Rental Property

Summit Breckenridge vacation rentals are a booming business. Second homeowners can cash in by making their property available during the times their properties are vacant. Renting your Breckenridge property means extra income. It also means someone is taking care of the routine maintenance of your property, helping you avoid costly repairs that can come with a house or condo that sits empty for long periods of time.

If the benefits of renting vacation properties are so good, why do so few homeowners do it? That’s simple: they don’t want to deal with the hassle of advertising, making reservations, dealing with lost keys or customers who can’t find the unit. That’s where OP Property Management comes in. Let us handle all the details of advertising and renting your Summit County vacation property. OP Property Management is on top of the vacation rental industry’s best practices. We take care of almost everything when it comes to managing and renting your Breckenridge real estate. The only thing we don’t do is telling you what to do with your extra income.

Good property management is an art. A property management company, like OP Property Management, knows how to stage, and market your property. It also screens renters, takes care of routine maintenance issues – all the details that make do-it-yourself renters shudder. We’re up on laws, city/county codes, state regulations – you won’t get into hot water with the State or IRS when you use OP Property Management to take care of your vacation property rentals.

And maintenance? We perform routine inspections of your property and take care of small routine maintenance projects for you. We notify you immediately if we find something major, and will work with you to get it resolved as soon as possible to avoid downtime during peak rental seasons.

OP Property Management in Breckenridge specializes in the upper scale, luxury rental properties. Since we focus on higher-end properties, we tend to attract, higher-end renters. This means more income per rental. OP Property Management works with large corporations looking to schedule retreats for their executives, to family reunions, and family rentals. We understand the needs of each type of renter and match the perfect renters to your property.  Our processes are streamlined and designed to move the customer from curiosity to sale as quickly as possible.

OP Property Management is big on customer retention. Many of our renters are people who return to Breckenridge year after year. They like the stability that comes from renting the same property each year. It helps them plan their Summit County vacation more easily. What that means for you is an ever-growing clientele that wants to rent your property year after year.

Breckenridge (and indeed all of Summit County) is a place that is full of activity and offers a wide range of activities for vacationers year-round. We find that a lot of our clients want help in planning and scheduling activities. For that reason, OP Property Management offers its concierge services. When vacationers contact us about lodging, we offer other services that include shuttle services, ski/snowboard rentals, in-house meal preparation, and much more! This value-added service makes working with OP Property Management even better for you. You know your renters are being taken care of and that OP Property Management is working hard to secure them as repeat customers.

Would you like to turn your Summit County or Breckenridge Vacation Rentals property into a revenue stream? Contact OP Property Management and we’ll show you how we can help. Visit us on the web at

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