Exclusive Range of Tutu Dresses

Ballet is a dance of grace. It is extensively popular all over the world for its grooves and dance moves. Equally famous is its stunning ballet costume. The skirt worn as a costume in a ballet performance is known as a tutu. Exclusive Range of Tutu Dresses is either a single layer or multiple layers attached to the body. There are several types of tutu dresses. Classical Tutu is a very short and stiff skirt forming a bell shape. Such type of dresses is widely seen in famous ballet paintings. Whereas, there is a flat pancake-shaped classical tutu dress which constitutes more layers of dress.

Romantic tutu is a free-flowing costume with a quarter length skirt symbolizing the eternal quality of romance. On the other hand, Balanchine tutu is popularly known as powder puff giving a softer and fuller appearance. Lastly, platter tutu is a flat top that sticks straight out from the ballerina’s waistline.

To find a complete range and humongous varieties of ballet costumes, visit the site tutu-ballerina-dresses. Their vast selection of varied styles, colours and sizes will help you in choosing your favourite tutu dress for the big event. They believe the delivery of quality products and the utmost customer satisfaction. Customized dresses are also made as per exclusive requirement in order to stand out on stage.

In addition to dresses, there is a diverse range of accessories such as hair clips, hats, bands, purses, gloves, beanies, wands, wings etc. These accessories will complete your attire and you will be ready to spread your elegance during the performance. There are tutu combo sets which give you a number of items at a lower price. For example, tiger safari tutu combo set includes wings, cotton beanie, tutu, stuffed animal and a gift bag.

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Exclusive Range of Tutu Dresses is for children aged 6 to 10 years. Similarly, there is a zebra safari tutu combo set which comes with zebra theme.  Another popular combo is Pom Pom butterfly tutu combo set which includes colourful butterfly wings, pom tutu dress, pretty pink crocheted headband and a matching ostrich puff clip. Such beautiful accessories will make her turn in a butterfly fairy princess.

Regular discounts are offered with special offers. The prices are affordable and well within the budget of your family. Thus, don’t wait any longer. Select your favourite ballet costumes from the plethora of choices available and showcase your manoeuvring talent to the world.

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