Good luck! Freshly delivered Lamborghini Urakan is a prey to the Flood


He lost Gallardo and Lamborghini Urakan in 2 years, and himself owned the cancer tragedy. But super positive!

This summer the American floods hit San Diego, California. It was not only human beings who suffered.

The victim was Lamborghini Urakan, which he delivered three weeks ago owned by Matt Trainer. This Urakan was parked in a parking lot built in a semi-underground, but because the drainage stopped working due to heavy rain and the water had flowed into the garage, more than half of the car body was in the water It was said that it was in the state of being immersed.

It was said that the distance travelled from being delivered to being submerged was only a few hundred miles.

Astonishingly, Mr Trainer, who lost the Gallardo he owned a year and a half ago, had been lost in an accident, and tumour surgery was being performed on the day the Urakan was delivered. After leaving the hospital, I think that I was looking forward to driving in Urakan from now on, but in such a thing in less than a month after delivery.

In addition to Urakan, at least seven cars have been flooded, so the repair cost is about $ 600,000. I can not find the words to be so sad.

However, Trainer himself said in Instagram, “No one got hurt, I can buy another car, and I’m laughing about what happened so far. This is just a game. It is said that “Come on!”, And it seems that this event is also taken fairly positively. I want you to get rid of your illness and your car as soon as possible so that you can enjoy driving.

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