It’s Not A 48-Engine Monster


monster bike 48 cylinders 4200 CC engine

48-Engine Monster. A 48-cylinder 4200 CC monster bike was manufactured by combining the Kawasaki model of the Kawasaki series, “Kawasaki KH250 (A5),” with 16 Kawasaki engines. It is not technical skill, but after all the customs of foreign countries fly screw … I say that I do not have an idol group in someplace, it is good if I increase it … Oh!! Rainy numbers (laughs)It’s Not A 48-Engine Monster.

48 cylinders 4200 cc Kawasaki KH

There is almost no prototype

By the way, there is also a thing that the steering wheel is too far, but it seems that there is only 1t with the engine in the first place, so it is this that you can not run.

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