Jaguar E-type Restorator Completed in a beautiful figure … What a car? Kaizen E type?



Jaguar E-type Restorator Completed in a beautiful figure …What a car?

Jaguar, a luxury car manufacturer in the UK, sold from 1961 to 1975, with its elegant design and outstanding performance, the Jaguar E-type is still popular as a famous car. A little unusual Jaguar E-type is reported by European car, restored by a British company that says the Jaguar E-type 1968 model, CMC (Classic Motor Cars) famous for restoring the world’s leading classic Jaguar You are

The world’s first stretched Jaguar E type and trailer

Although it looks normal at first glance, it is stretched 4 inches (about 10 cm), and upgraded to air conditioning, power steering, brakes, and suspension for the 5-speed transmission. In addition, a custom trailer of the same shape as the Jaguar E-type body was created.

This Jaguar E-type is equipped with a comfortable space with air conditioning etc. and a lot of luggage with a custom trailer to ensure a wide space such as feet by stretching. Owners say after all or just say in the United States, this car is given a nickname.

Kaizen E type

Jaguar E-type Restorator car is nicknamed Kaizen E type. It is said that what came from that was taken from the founding philosophy of Toyota, a Japanese automobile manufacturer, “Continuous improvement”. What a nickname … no matter what Toyota (laughs) where there is no element of Toyota (laughs)

Well, everyone who likes cars thinks about this car and nickname? Personally, it is quite a point.

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