List of models that appear in Wild Speed

Mitsubishi · Eclipse (1995 model year)

Neon Green, a car for Bryan’s bane investigation. The gun of Tolan made a fire and exploded to the NOS tank. Fit vis Racing aero is in the list of models that appear in Wild Speed.

Mazda RX7 (1993 model year)

Red, Dominic car. The turn is mainly in the early stages, and then it can be seen when looking at the dodge charger in the garage of Dominic’s house and at the time of the race war. VeilSide Aero mounting

Honda “ACURA” · Integra

Turquoise car of Mia, red/yellow car of Edwin

Nissan · 240 SX (1997 model year)

Pink Purple, Retie’s Car. Silvia S14 model in Japan, late model

Volkswagen Jetta (1995)

Jesse’s White / Aqua Stripes. The Japanese name is Vent

Skyline GTR-BCNR33 (1995 model year)

Yellow, Leon’s car. Naturally, right-handed steering wheel because it is a model that only Japan specification

Honda S2000

Black and Asian graphics. Johnny Tran’s car

TOYOTA Supra (1994 type)

Orange metallic. The car was as good as the scrap he prepared instead, as Mitsubishi Eclipse, who was going to give over to the 0-400m race and intended to give to Dominic, was blasted by Johnny Tran’s group. At the time of scrap, it was a 2JZ-GE (NA) engine, but it will be turbo tuned. Bryan’s second car that was repaired at Dominique’s factory and ordered from various tuning parts from Japan. Immediately after completing the test ride, show a performance that beats the Ferrari 355 GTS on the street. He played an active part in the final stage but finally handed over to Dominic who fled and returned the borrow. The aero parts are basically made by BOMEX, but only the bonnet is from TRD (it is described in the magazine advertisement that BOMEX put out for OPTION2 at that time).

Nissan · Maxima (1999 type)

Blue, Vince car with supercharger. Overseas specifications of Nissan Cefiro (A32).

Daddy charger (B-body) (1970 type)

After racing with Black, Bryan’s Supra, I hit the semi-trailer from the front and turned over

Chevrolet Chevel SS (1970)

Red / black stripes. After the end credit, you can be seen in Dominic and Baja (Mexico).

It is said that Troy Lee, who is famous as a graphic designer of motorsports-related goods, designed and produced the vinyl graphics of the vehicle on which the main character and his friends ride, and was put on the market later.

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