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Major Risk Factors for Erectile Dysfunction in Australia

The research shows that every one in five men in Australia suffers through some sort of erectile dysfunction issues. The problematic point is that the number of men having erectile dysfunction is continuously increasing in men. Even more worrying fact is that it is not only in elderly people but also in the younger ones. Therefore, it has become important to spread awareness about the major risk factors that lead to erectile dysfunction.

In this way, we will be able to bring a noticeable change in Australia by controlling erectile dysfunction causes. Fortunately, there are various effective medicines to treat this issue in men but precaution is better than cure. You may buy generic Cialis professional 40mg in australia to treat ED easily, but it’s important to know the risk factors. Here are the following major risk factors for erectile dysfunction in men in Australia. 

·         Smoking

Smoking leads to the narrowing of blood vessels by introducing them to harmful smoke. As a result, the narrowing of blood vessels affects the flow of blood through them. When this happens with the penis, you may face erectile dysfunction.

·         Drug use

There are a number of over-the-counter drugs or medications that lead to erectile dysfunction. If you’re taking a certain drug for any specific illness, it may be the reason for erectile dysfunction.

·         High blood pressure

High blood the pressure is greatly associated with erectile dysfunction. When a person takes medicines to lower the high blood pressure, it also lowers the blood flow to the penis. Such a situation leads to erectile dysfunction.

·         Diabetes

Just like high B.P, diabetes also affects the blood flow by affecting the blood vessels as well as muscle strength. As a result, issues like erectile dysfunction originate by tightened blood vessels and weaker muscles that don’t erect effectively.  

·         Stress or depression

Stress and depression are some of the major risk factors for erectile dysfunction. Whenever a person stays under higher stress or even prolonged depression, he gets erectile dysfunction. Stress and depression cause muscle fatigue which ultimately causes erection issues.

·         Obesity

Overweight or obesity is also a major risk factor for ED. It badly damages the thing blood vessels along with decreasing the testosterone. As a result of generalized inflammation of the body by obesity, erectile dysfunction hits a person.

·         Porn use

The men in Australia who are heavily addicted to porn use and spend hours on it suffer through erectile dysfunction. If you want to get rid of this issue or to stay medically fit, you must avoid watching porn content.

·         Exposure to toxins

The research shows that continuous exposure to some toxins also leads to erectile dysfunction. The men who work in factory areas usually suffer the most through ED and infertility. It happens due to long-run exposure to certain harmful toxins.

·         Tumors or surgeries

Sometimes, the tumor or surgeries of the pelvic region for any purpose may also cause erectile dysfunction. If you have undergone any such situation, it is important to seek medical help for better treatment.

·         Chronic illness or any other medical issue

Last but not least, any type of chronic illness or any medical issue may also cause erectile dysfunction. If you have any medical issues or chronic illnesses, then it’s better to ask your doctor for ED medication. Otherwise, if you don’t have any chronic illness or any other medical issue, you may choose ED medicine yourself. For this purpose, you may buy Generic cialis tadora 20mg in Australia. It’s one of the best medicines for ED but it’s important to take its right dosage to enjoy the results.



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