Maserati New car sales


Maserati New car 22500 units received until the end of September

Even in Japan, Maserati New car sales a luxury Italian carmaker that is popular among cars with beautiful design and sensual design has received 22,500 orders as of the end of September, and reports by European media doing.

Maserati’s advance and expectations for the new SUV car Levante

Last year, Maserati set a sales target of 50,000 new cars in the world in 2015, but it seemed that the sales results were last year for 6,300 cars manufacturers last year. However, the Maserati Ghibli “Maserati Ghibli” of Maserati’s entry model (it’s a mystery?) Has orders for nearly 8,000 cars, and the company’s flagship car, the Quattroporte “Quattroporte” There are orders for nearly 10,000 units, and Gran Turismo “Gran Turismo” (including the open Cabrio) also has orders for approximately 5,000 units.

Furthermore, the Maserati Levante Maserati Levante, a new SUV, scheduled to be launched as a 2014 model, is expected to sell 25,000 units a year, and the target value for new car sales is no longer a dream Yes.

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