Online Web Proctored Exams: Here’s what you need to know

For a long time, education across generations and culture has relied on examinations. These are proven methods of checking competency and skills under the supervision of a human. However, the manual invigilation doesn’t guarantee 100% accuracy and efficiency. Human errors are

Invigilators are also referred to as proctors. Slowly online proctors, software applications, are replacing physical invigilation and promise more convenience for universities, independent training, and educational centers, and employers.

What is an online proctored exam? 
Online proctored exams are examinations conducted under the supervision of computer applications. The applications use camera, artificial intelligence, and other technologies to oversee test takers.

Applications authenticate the identity of the test takers by facial recognition, keystroke analysis, and other methods. In case of suspicious activities, the application sends alerts

Online proctored exams are cost-effective and more efficient than human-invigilated exams. There are other benefits to the exam too.

Benefits of the proctored exam

1. Flexibility in time – Proctored exams allow candidates to take the exam from anywhere in the world. This allows universities to conduct exams at the candidate’s convenience. Further, the growing scarcity of space to conduct exams also holds institutions back. Online proctored exams help here in a big way.

  1. More effectiveness – Exams conducted under the invigilation of humans are more prone to cheating. Online proctored exams keep a strict tab on invigilation using camera and machine learning and other technologies and send alerts and discontinue exams in case suspicious activities are detected.
  2. Candidate Identification – Proctoring services use advanced technologies and techniques today to verify the identity of a test taker. Some, for example, take a picture and run it by the previously submitted pictures. In other cases, a human seat behind a camera and checks the identity, increasing the effectiveness of the identification process. Some go to the extent of analyzing keyboard behavior and offer a robust identification process.
  3. Real-time proctoring – Several exam proctoring services offer real-time proctoring where proctors can view test-takers live and monitor their activity as they take the test, while the software continues to send a live view of answers and allow human proctors to review answers.

    4. Global-scale — Online proctored exams are highly scalable. Universities and employers can take their education program and recruitment global respectively. Further, it reduces administrative tasks, allows management to focus on other important tasks.

    Bottom line
    Online proctoring is a more robust and effective way of invigilation, allowing educational institutions to expand their programs and employers to hire flexibly. With advanced technologies at play, it offers a more effective solution for invigilation. So using a proctoring service will cut down cost, free up space (used during an exam), and overall increase the bottom line.

Several proctoring services are available across the industry. Choose one that maximizes your returns.


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