Red Bull brings an F1 machine to the top floor heliport on a 210m tall building and drifts!


Red Bull brought the F1 machine to the top floor¬†Heliport¬†in Burj Al Arab, 210 meters high …

Red Bull will hold a special event at the Burj Al Arab, famous for the Seven-Star Hotel in Dubai, to commemorate the drivers and constructors won double champions at the Indian Grand Prix in the previous round. If I thought there would be no doubt that the event in Dubai, and Red Bull, would have exceeded my imagination, I went over the sky, right on top (laughs)

The Seven Star Hotels in Dubai Burj Al Arab

A minimum reservation of 150,000 yen per night, just make a reservation for a cup of tea, and it is a hotel with an incredible amount of about 10,000 yen. Not only that amount but also the appearance and service are amazing, and all the amenities used in the hotel are made by Hermes. Because it is such a super-luxurious hotel, top floor heliport are installed at a distance of 210m on the ground because some people come by helicopter instead of coming by car. Because it is not a simple hotel roof, it has a protruding shape and is very scary …


210 m high heliport can also be used as a tennis court

Actually, there is also a story that says this is a real use. It’s a tennis court! The size is also perfect. But no one will do it. Federer and Agassi played tennis if I thought. I’m really scared when you look at the image. Here is an image that I do not want to show to people with such height fear.

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