Rumor was true! Toyota to release the new small FR sports car concept, “S-FR”!


What a total length of small FR sports car!

Rumour of the development of compact FR sports car by Toyota that was scooped the other day. Apparently, that was true.

In addition to Supra’s successor in Toyota, Tokyo MS, the newly developed small FR sports car and Prius derived SUV of the rumour are exhibited!?

Of course, there is no specific mention at the moment regarding the pros and cons of commercialization, but Toyota is planning to release the S-FR concept, the more compact FR sports car concept than the current 86!

The main theme is, of course, lightweight and small. And the drive system is FR. The dimensions that can be said to embody the theme faithfully are 3990 mm in length, 1695 mm in width, 1320 mm in height, and 2480 mm in wheelbase. This compact body features a four-seater cabin.


The design is said to have been inspired by that legendary lightweight sports car, Toyota Sports 800, commonly known as “Yota Hachi”, and the aggressive concept is a totally rounded and cute thing. The black roof also seems to play a role in tightening the design.

The interior itself is simple, with minimal functions such as air conditioning, USB port, power socket and engine start button.

Although the spec surface to be worried about is not disclosed, the expectation is raised corresponding to the short shift knob of the interior.

According to Toyota, this S-FR concept seems to aim for owners to enjoy both in driving and customization, and is expected to be lined up under 86 if it is commercialized. Of course, there is no claim about mass production at this moment, but I feel that it is not strange that this S-FR will be mass-produced as it is.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the exhibition at the Tokyo Motor Show!

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