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The best way to clean carpet

Steam Cleaning is usually the best way of carpet cleaning, which cleans more than 90% of bacteria and dirt from carpets. Pre-vacuum is necessary because dry soils will convert into mud during this steam cleaning procedure. This process is also known as Hot Water Extraction(HWE) cleaning.

As hot water is injected with high pressure into the carpet and then extracted out along with removing dirt also. Many rug producers highly suggest that this professional method is the most effective one in Carpet Cleaning, as steam can damage the carpet-surface characteristics when heat directly hits its sensitive fibers in steam cleaning. Preconditioning is the initial process in HWE. An acidic chemical like vinegar is applied on woolen mats, while for synthetic ones, an ammonia solution(an alkaline agent) is sprayed.

Only technically trained carpet cleaners must be hired to avoid any problems while cleaning.¬† An automatic machine or a grooming brush is used to agitate these sprayed carpets. Stains are pre-heated with an effective steam cleaner, and pre-spray is implemented to break down the carpet’s surface tension, ensuring water can enter deep inside the fibers before extraction. ¬†Then, a pressurized hand operator, which is known as the wand is passed over the outer fabric to pull out dirt, and dust particles.

In the next step extraction, that is, the most important step is carried out using water, and finally drying is executed. Proper pre-treatment is essential to avoid ineffective removing of oily residue, which will otherwise leave dark spots on the carpet. The drying generally takes time in wet cleaning, but this time can be decreased with the help of dehumidifiers, fans, and outdoor ventilation.

The process can be long drying and can take one day for the carpet to dry thoroughly. Stains and dirt can re-appear as dirt sticks to oil that is unremovable sometimes. This cleaning technique needs verified and professional technicians to achieve remarkable results.


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