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Year after year you’ve been coming to Breckenridge to ski. It’s a blast. You’ve gotten used to lifting lines, sitting in chairlifts with people you don’t know, getting separated from your friends and taking two hours to find them again, constantly watching over your shoulder to make sure someone isn’t going to plow into you – it’s all good. Then one day, you have an epiphany.THERE’S MORE TO WINTER THAN SKIING

You don’t have to limit your winter fun to skiing – there is more to do. Then the vision hits you! You see yourself, careening along a lonely mountain trail on a Polaris snowmobile. No crowds, no crying kid sitting next to you on the lift; no $25 half-cooked hamburger in a noisy slope side cafeteria.

You’re at Aspen Canyon Ranch, sitting in front of a roaring fire with your buds, getting your gear on for your personal snowmobiling adventure. The excitement builds as you go through the safety presentation, you find yourself drifting, looking out the window at the lazy falling snow.

Then it hits you something’s missing! Where’s the crowds, the lift lines, all the hubbub of the ski hill? You remember – that’s all far away in another life. Today, it’s just you: no crowds, no lines. Just a great day with your friends exploring mountains, pristine forests, and backcountry powder fields. Life doesn’t get any better than this!

Breckenridge snowmobiling with Aspen Canyon Ranch can make this dream real for you. Instead of getting up to go stand in lift lines, we’ll pick you up in Breckenridge. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Gore Range as you make the 30-minute ride to Aspen Canyon Ranch. When you arrive, our friendly team will great you with hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. After the safety presentation, you’ll mount a Polaris sled and head for the backcountry.

At the end of the day, you can enjoy a hot meal with us as you reminisce with your friends. The laughter will be loud, the beer cold, and the food great! When it’s all over, we’ll take you back to Breckenridge.  There certainly is more to winter than just skiing. Let Aspen Canyon Ranch show you new horizons. See parts of Colorado most tourists never see. Experience the adventure of a lifetime with Aspen Canyon Ranch’s Breckenridge snowmobiling tours.THERE’S MORE TO WINTER THAN SKIING

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