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Top 10 secret/ hidden beaches in India

Most of the major tourist spots have also been crowded. Especially beaches these days are crowded, dirty and commercial. You might look for some secret beaches in India and here is the list of top 10 secret beaches of India which everyone should explore in its lifetime.

List of secret/ hidden beaches in India based upon traveler experience

Bhogwe Beach, Maharashtra

Maharashtra is known to offer a number of beautiful beaches to the country. It also offers several secret beaches in India. One of them is Bhogwe beach which is located very close to the town of Parule. You can easily trek for about 5 minutes and reach the beach. The beach gets very few visitors which makes it a silent gem, in which you can explore booking good options for Hotel with Cleartrip Coupons which will bring good pricing in every booking

Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

Some may call it the shortcoming of paradise beach that it is not connected with the town from major means of roads but for some people, it is a blessing to for the beach. The major way to reach there is by boat. The beach seems to be untouched and beautiful in all the means of beauty. The name certainly reflects the beach.

Gahirmatha Beach, Orissa

Once again we have a beach that seems to be extremely difficult to access. The Gahirmatha Beach is located deep inside the Bhitarkanika National Park. The beach is also popular for the endangered Olive Ridley Sea turtle. You can find thousands of them in the month of April. Though it has a number of attractions, it still gets low visitors due to a lack of accessibility to the place.

Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep

Minicoy is the southernmost island in the Lakshadweep chain. The Minicoy was a major center for transport in British rule but later after urbanization, the island went a long distance from the airport and it got difficult to access the island from any mean. This lets the island retain its beauty the way it is and has the least number of visitors in the Lakshadweep chain of islands.

Karwar Beach and Ladies Beach, Karnataka

Even in Karnataka, the beach is located very close to Goa. It is just about 25 KM to the south of Goa. Karwar is a small town in Karnataka and has been an extremely beautiful beach for you to enjoy. Amidst several beaches in Goa, Karwar beach is a bit underrated which it doesn’t deserve at all. For those who want to enjoy away from the crowd, this can be the place you were looking for.

Butterfly Beach, Goa

The number of hidden beaches in Goa has been declining rapidly but yet the Butterfly beach is yet one of the few hidden beaches left in Goa. This is because it can only be accessed via a boat. Sometimes, this beach is also regarded as one of the few nude beaches in the country.

Guhagar, Maharashtra

Once again Maharashtra has another beach to offer us. Though this beach cannot be considered a hidden or secret beach, it still gets very fewer visitors compared to others. The major attraction for the town is their ancient temples. The same visitors sometimes visit the beach otherwise its complete silence that you get to see on this beach.

Tharangambadi, Tamil Nadu

Here again, we have a beach in the small town of Tamil Nadu. Here also the major attraction for the visitors is the architecture and history of the town. People prefer to visit another close more popular beaches instead of this one. This makes it an extremely less populated beach in the country. Most of the commercial urbanization is away from the beach so you can enjoy your peace there.

Guitar Island Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Island

To reach the island, there are no means other than a boat. Even after going through the boat, you need to trek a little bit up to the beach. This makes it a rarely visited island and beach in the country. Those who have visited it claims that this is one of the best beaches in the country. The fact about the name of the island is the shape of the island which resembles the shape of a guitar.

Mararikulam Beach, Kerela

the beach is often referred to as just Marari. Kerala has a number of popular beaches which turns this one as one of the less-visited beaches. You might find a few other people like you seeking some silence and peace. The beach is beautified with water on one side and a large gathering of coconut trees. You can subscribe to us free of cost to get the latest updates on career opportunities as well as for free Job Alert.

Conclusion secret/ hidden beaches in India:

These were some of the least visited beaches in India. Share your experience of the beaches in the comments and tell us your favorite destination.


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