Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for a Business loan for School

The reports of the financial year 2018-2019 suggest that the total GER was 26.3%, and it is anticipated that by 2020, it will be around 32%.

GER or Gross Education Ratio is a statistical measure applied by different educational institutions to calculate the total number of students enrolled in different grades.
To support and promote learning, various institutions are emerging and paving a scope for higher education in India.

However, building an institution requires a substantial amount of funds. Hence, those aiming to build a school and promote education can avail school funding.

When contemplating how to get funding for a business, one can easily apply for a business loan and avail up to Rs.30 lakh.

Availing such unsecured advances is relatively beneficial because a business loan takes up to 24 hours for approval.

Though an individual can apply for a business loan to fund their school, it is advised that such borrowers should be aware of a few common mistakes.

Making such mistakes can lead to rejection of your loan application.

The mistakes to be avoided are –

  • Insufficient business plan –

One of the primary errors an individual can make while availing funding is not having a sufficient business plan. Entrepreneurs with a lacklustre plan may face rejection over their loan application as such confusing ideas should not be provided to a financial institution.

Considering a borrower may face a few essential questions, like –

  1. How much funding an individual requires?
  2. How can they repay their loan?
  3. How an individual plans to spend their funds?

An individual requires having a clear idea regarding their plan and ideas to build an institution that can help them to avail of required school funding.

  • Low credit score –

Individuals holding a comparatively low credit score may not be able to avail of a business loan. The credit score is a 3-digit numeric expression used by different financial institutions to determine a borrower’s credibility.

It ranges between 300 and 900 and an individual is required to hold a minimum score of 750 to avail a business loan. Other than that individuals with a relatively lower score may face rejection of their business loan application for school funding.

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Individuals with a defaulted repayment history hold a rather low score, which directly affects their score. It is advised that an individual should check their score through an online portal or at the official site of CIBIL.

After clarifying their score, one can easily take simple measures like paying debt on time, efficiently using old credit cards, etc. and avoid rejection over their loan application.

  • Not reading the loan agreement –

After the loan approval, borrowers are provided with the agreement for signature. An individual should not avoid reading the documents thoroughly and sign the papers blindly. By perusing through the agreement borrowers can figure various clauses, terms and conditions and fees like, foreclosure charges, etc.

If an individual faces any jargon typically used by financial institutions, they should consult with some for a better understanding. In situations where borrowers can agree with the terms and conditions, they can sign the document and utilize their availed loan for school funding.

  • Applying for multiple loans –

Applying for multiple advances at once is not advisable. It can lead to rejection of loan application, which will reduce the credit score.

Other than avoiding the above-stated mistakes, an individual can compare their options of lenders for school funding. Few financial institutions provide borrower-friendly offers which can save its borrower’s crucial time.

For instance, financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv bring pre-approved offers to reduce the time taken to avail financing by making the process less complicated.

By avoiding a few mistakes and applying with a credible lender, a borrower can avail required school funding. Other than that, by following a set of protocols, such individuals can manage their school with ease.


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