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Types of Carpet Cleaning

For achieving a hygienic appearance in carpets, several methods are applied to remove dirt, stains, and allergens.

Some generally used techniques of carpet cleaning are discussed below.

  • Hot Water Extraction (HWE) – a wet cleaning approach

Steam cleaning of carpets is so famous in industries that some people believe that HWE is itself a steam cleaning process and that’s not true. HWE is referred for hot water soil extraction cleaning Rug Cleaning Company method in which equipment is used by which detergent and hot water are sprayed on the carpet and accompanying, detergent and water are excerpted with the addition of dissolved and dislodged dirt. Many carpet producers highly suggest that this professional method is the most effective one in carpet cleaning, as steam can damage the carpet-surface characteristics when heat directly hits its sensitive fibers in steam cleaning. Only professionally trained carpet cleaners must be hired to avoid any problems while cleaning.

Preconditioning is the first step in HWE. An acidic solution like vinegar is applied on woolen mats while for synthetic ones, an ammonia solution(an alkaline agent) is sprayed. Then an automatic scrubbing machine or a grooming brush is used to agitate these sprayed carpets. In the next step, a pressurized manual which is known as the wand is moved over the outer surface to clean out residue, preconditioner, and particulates. Then extraction, that is the most important step is carried out using water and finally drying is executed. The drying process usually takes time in wet cleaning but this time can be decreased with the help of dehumidifiers, fans, and outdoor ventilation.


  • Dry-cleaning

Most of the dry carpet-cleaning operations are based on specialized equipment and machines. These operating machines usually work under “very low moisture” conditions, depending on dry compounds that are made by cleaning solutions are becoming popular in the market due to their specific characteristic of rapid drying time. These systems are more speedy and less labor-intensive then wet-extraction ones.

  • Dry compound

This technique uses 98% biodegradable compounds that can absorb moisture from the carpet when spread over it and scrubbed/brushed in. A household hand brush is reliable for this. It works Cheap Rug Cleaning in the way that tiny sponges, cleaning mixture dissolves to dust, grime and dirt are absorbed/attracted to the compound when drying time are over, a vacuum cleaner is used to remove those dirt particles. Machine brushing is typically applied as hand brushing generally cleans only the top third surface of the carpet.

  • Bonnet

When a cleaning mixture is deposited over the carpet-surface as a mist, a round buffer (bonnet) scrubs that deposited mixture with its rotating movement. It resembles a ground buffer with an oscillating pad or an absorbent spin that pulls soil and is replaced or rinsed with short intervals.

  • Shampoo cleaning

This method was widespread until late ’90s. But when the HWE and encapsulation were invented, industry view about shampoo cleaning changed and applied with a different strategy like it was first converted from oil soaps to detergents (synthetic) as a base, shampoos were dried in powder form. So in this way dirt would stick to powder elements which will require just a vacuum the day after cleaning by the consumer.


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