Ultra-quality replica of Knight Rider’s Knight 2000! And if you are home-made




Super-quality Knight Rider’s Knight 2000 replica

Overseas drama “Knight Rider” which was broadcasted in the 1980s that anyone in current ’30s to ’40s knows. A dream car-like “Knight 2000”, equipped with an artificial intelligence “KITT” (commonly known as a kit), which has an artificial intelligence “KIT” (common name kit) with its own will to fly by jumping large jumps. It is still popular today, and it was created in 2008 as a sequel to the current Mustang, the Knight Rider’s Knight 2000  NEXT (soon to close without popularity).
However, replicas have been created mainly for fans who are strong in the home country and also in Japan. We will produce the “Knight 2000” by yourself and introduce “Knight 2000”, the pride of the strong man, who created it with tremendous quality.

[“Knight 2000” replica car image]

De Night Flasher


It seems that this “Knight 2000” of the quality that seems to be genuine is self-made for three years using the ones of the 1991 type of transom and the parts purchased by itself on eBay and the like.

The license plate is also firmly “KNIGHT” (G maybe 6 maybe. KNIGHT might have been used already ….)

Even so, I saw an ugly car. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched the video over and over again. Even so, I will talk to me. The love for Knight 2000 is transmitted.

By the way, the name of the car itself is “Knight 2000”, and the artificial intelligence (the example of “Michael !!” and the example that speaks that) is “KITT” (common name kit), so this car is not a kit, but it is ” It becomes Knight 2000 ‘. No, that’s a matter of course (laughs)

If you’ve seen it many times, what kind of environment would Delorean (laughs) be in the place where it was used for shooting location …

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