What is an 80 lower receiver?

The unfinished receiver that has reached to only 80 percent of its completion point. It has been inaugurated as the residential DIY project for some shooting enthusiasts. At the start, a few pieces were manufactured and sold by specific companies. The law was always included and with proper finishing technique and law, this project was completed.

Black rifle collectors and shooters for a long time have been working on collecting and using the receiver made up of aluminum and polymer for the AR-15s. In this process at home, they did not consider registering and serializing an important factor.

These receiver blanks joined at home are known as 80 lower. As you have to make them at home so at the time of buying it these blanks aren’t recognized as guns.

By the times, things got better and rapid development in the relevant industry made new chances and opportunities for such products and now you can choose from different types of 80 lower.


Few Specifications

  • A partially finished lower receiver (80% completed)
  • No any fire control group pod cut or any fire control group holes penetrated
  • Constitutionally, it’s not a Revolver
  • In this case, no Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) is needed.
  • Usable for AR-15s and AR-10 daises both


These above-mentioned specifications will definitely outstand the lower 80 and make the actual product owning the name. The receiver of any gun is that important part that makes that firearm a real gun. According to gun laws, the receiver of any gun is a serialized part of the firearm and it needs to follow all firearm laws.

Whenever you are at the step of purchasing a revolver, you must check the completion level of the AR lower receiver. If you are going to buy an already finished AR lower receiver then you must have to pass through a Federal-Firearm License Transfer (FFLT). The process is not that easy but is important to get a completion.


As the 80 lower receiver is a receiver with an 80 % level of completion and to complete this unfinished receiver the user definitely has to go through the fire control group. Once you have started to milling out the 80 lower receivers then these definitely turn out into firearm. Before all this process it’s just an unfinished bunch of aluminum that needs to get completed.

After this, it has to pass through the FFL and you can directly order it on your home address.


The rules and processes vary from country to country. You can make your own gun in the USA as it has no grounds against this process. If you have the intention of building and then selling a firearm then you must have the proper license. The creation of firearms for personal use is absolutely legal and doesn’t charge any strict rule.

The best part of this receiver that it gives you freedom of creating a renovated and semi-mechanized firearm. So, always keep in mind before milling an 80 receiver out through fire control group that after this process it will instantly turn into a firearm and will have all restrictions of federal firearm laws. So, if you want to own an 80 lower receiver you must follow all restrictions and instructions.

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