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Dry Carpet Cleaning vs Steam Cleaning

Both processes can achieve good results and the main difference is the quantity of water that is used in the applied approach. Quality of Professional Carpet Cleaners NYC mainly depends on the chemicals and equipment as well as the skills of the technician.

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Pre-vacuum removes dry soil using industrial-strength equipment.
  • A dry cleaning solution which is the mixture of dry cleaning solvents diluted with water is carried out to treat the carpet.
  • Cotton pads (immersed in hot water) are placed under a rotating machine. Carpet Cleaner Manhattan dirt releases when the machine spins the pads around. Pads are replaced with new ones according to requirements.
  • Drying time is very less and the carpet becomes ready to walk on, in just 1-2 hours.
  • Targets more debris/stains than steam cleaning.
  • The chemical balance of the carpet can be restored.
  • Oily Residue can be broken down more easily than other processes.


  • Steam Cleaning
  • Pre-vacuum is necessary because dry soils will convert into mud during this steam cleaning procedure.
  • This process is also known as Hot Water Extraction(HWE) cleaning. as hot water is injected with high pressure into the carpet and then extracted out along with removing dirt also.
  • Stains are pre-heated with an effective steam cleaner and pre-spray is implemented to break down the carpet’s surface tension, ensuring water can enter deep inside the fibers before extraction.
  • The process can be long drying and can take 1 day for the carpet to fully dry.
  • Proper pre-treatment is essential to avoid ineffective removing of oily residue which will otherwise leave dark spots on the carpet.
  • This cleaning technique needs verified and professional technicians to achieve remarkable results.
  • Stains and dirt can re-appear as dirt sticks to oil that is irremovable sometimes.

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