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When to Wash my Carpet?

If you have a quite large family along with a whole gaggle of pets and children running around the house during the whole day, then it is advisable to take care of your carpet more often than a man having relatively a small family or with a pet or two. The air quality of your home is directly dependent on the cleanliness of carpets, affecting your family health. Pets cannot be ignored when it is concerned with carpet cleaning. Either pet is not directly destructive to carpet but it takes beating from your cats/dogs. So, the Cheap Rug Cleaning NYC service relies on a few such things that change the frequency of carpet washing. Children, pets and even the warranty on your carpet also matter.

Generally, most carpet manufacturers suggest washing the carpet professionally every 12-18 months. This duration will be more shortened depending on your circumstances like having kids or pets and heavy foot traffic in your home.

Children can be so lovely while creating messes such as finger paint and juice spills etc. They lead to more traffic on carpets than children-less homes. Many kids love to play with their little neighbor friends and this will add up some more foot traffic. They sometimes like to do creative projects in their leisure time that require paint or flour which has the tendency to be a little messy.

Pets are great natural companions to have, but they honestly do not care about carpet cleanliness. Try to have a hairless pet if possible. As pets shed, can track in dirt, occasionally mud and grass, so they can change your carpet washing schedule as well.

The majority of the carpets have warranty installed when they are bought. This warranty holds a few clear-cut instructions about due-time of carpet maintenance and a list of some do and don’ts that must be followed strictly to increase its lifetime. To keep this warranty valid, you need to get a professional cleaning at least once in a year and this warranty can vary from manufacturer.

Does carpet washing also relate to how often do you apply vacuum cleaning? In other words, if you pull out the vacuum and use it on a regular basis, then definitely, professional-washing will be due after a year or two. Proper vacuuming removes dust and loose dirt before they start cutting and settle deeper into carpet fibers. Vacuuming twice or thrice a week keeps your carpet fresh and graceful and indirectly increase the tenure between professional carpet washing. If it is unmanageable for you then try to vacuuming once a week that is the minimum option as if you rarely vacuum (once in a month), then possibly it is the time to arrange a professional cleaning either a wet or dry cleaning to preserve carpet.

All the above discussed factors mainly affect that when to wash your carpet from professionals. Some other factors could change this timing and are not negligible including wearing shoes in the house, windows open frequently and smoking in the house.


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