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Why Silestone Worktops Should Be The Base Of Your Kitchen Decor in 2020

Silestone worktops is basically a brand name that provides quartz countertops designed for your home. While there are many other options available like glass, marble or wood, quartz is one of the most benefitting options to choose from due to ample reasons. Since you will be investing a lot of time, money and effort in selecting the countertop along with its design for you, you have to consider a couple of key characteristics.
Also, most of the designs of kitchen cupboards, appliances or countertops get faded away due to new trending ones coming in; there is a good chance that worktops made with Silestone will be ruling the game in 2020 and even beyond that.
Here is an impressive list of reasons for you to understand why you should use the Silestone worktops to be the base of your kitchen if you are planning to remodel this year.


It has a granite finish!

If you wish to get a granite worktop, but the budget does not permit you to have one, and you are worried about the maintenance cost, in the long run, you can opt for Silestone worktops. It looks exactly the same but is more sustainable.
Plus, if you feel that you do not want the typical whitish granite look to be the base of your kitchen, Silestone has an answer for you as well! It comes in various designs and in contrasting colours. You can either choose from that or go with the basic plain ones.

Affordability and huge variety!

One of the prominent reasons for people willing to set up their kitchen base with Silestone worktops is because it is within the affordability reach of the middle-class. Pure granite or marble costs a lot more.
On the other hand, Silestone offers almost no maintenance cost and effort. All you will need is a mild soap, warm water, and a clean towel to clean the tops. It is an added advantage that it is incredibly durable and will run for years with proper care.
Also, it is non-porous, edges are thick and furnished, which changes the entire look of the kitchen place.

Customized designs

Apart from the colours and material variety, you can use the Silestone to make drawers and cabinet shelves which will be holding all your kitchen utensils, appliances, and ingredients. You can use up the entire space of your kitchen by making customized boxes and counters.

You can also have separate cabinets to keep the ready food, all designed with the Silestone. You can even use it for the walls or the base of your kitchen floor as the waterfall design, or some very popular landmark designs will make the place look gorgeous and unique.

You can select places for Silestone

It is absolutely not necessary to decorate the entire kitchen with Silestone. If you think it is costly and does not permit your budget, you can put it in the centre area of your kitchen, be it on the slabs and floor as it will give the place an antique look.

You can also use it for separate worktops and redecorate the rest of the space accordingly.

No need to worry about the Silestone worktops going out of style

Often people who are planning to decorate their kitchen are afraid of the designs going out of style, which is valid to some extent. But you need not have second thoughts before choosing Silestone as the worktops of your kitchen since researches have shown and the promising interior decorators are of the opinion that not only it will be remaining in style for the next few years, it will be gaining a lot more popular because of its benefits.

But be aware of the quality of the material you choose. It is pointless to be under the impression that you can avail of good quality Silestone at a lower rate. While you are redecorating your kitchen, you will want it to last at least a decade.

Check a few stores, vary rates online, decide the design and then go for the one which would be suited the best for you. But the priority should be whether it will go with your kitchen decor.


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